Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeon pest control in Birmingham
Last NameColumbidae
Length 38–44.5 cm

How to get rid of a pigeon or bird problem

Stop That Pest Ltd have dealt with a lot of different pigeon and bird problems throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands and our service at removing them is second to none. To get a pigeon or bird problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step. Once we have had a look at the problem we will know the best solution for you and will give you a no obligation quote.


Birmingham and the West Midlands areas have a major problem with birds and pigeons being the most notorious culprits. Pigeons can cause an enormous amount of damage to a building that if left unchecked can lead to major health and safety issues and a huge repair bill.

Such is the enormity of the pest bird problem at Manchester Pest Control technicians are now being called out several times a week to businesses and domestic households that are experiencing problems such as:

Clogged drains, contaminated standing water and local flooding as a result of bird droppings and nesting materials

Broken ventilation systems where dried bird droppings around the air conditioning units have been sucked into the system

Visible and structural damage to parapet walls, rooftops and window ledges that have been repeatedly covered in bird droppings

Often the pest bird problem is out of sight and it’s only when a major problem is alerted that it comes to light. By this time, an effective treatment programme is vital.