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Don’t make the mistake of assuming that legionnaires’ disease is not something that you need to worry about. Though it is uncommon, legionnaires’ disease is always a potential risk when water is present and precautions should be taken. This is why Stop That Pest have become the ‘go to’ team for prevention services in Birmingham, as we have the experience and treatments required to eliminate legionnaires’ disease. If you believe legionella is present or you want to ensure it’s not, enlist the help of the Stop That Pest team.

The Importance of Legionella Prevention Services in Birmingham

Legionnaires’ disease can be caused by inhaling droplets of water from a range of courses such as air conditioning units and hot tubs, though you can contract it from multiple places as long as a bacteria known as legionella is present in the water. It presents a severe form of pneumonia, which is an inflammation of the lungs and it can be very serious. This is why preventing legionella and legionnaires’ disease is vital. Thankfully, we offer an unmatched legionella prevention service in Birmingham. The sooner legionella is eliminated, the better.

Our Legionella Prevention Service

At Stop That Pest, we take pride in offering a professional and experienced legionella prevention service in Birmingham. Wherever you believe the legionella bacteria to be present, we can work our magic to ensure it’s treated correctly and to a high standard. We use our technical knowledge, experience and dedication to eliminate legionella using a variety of treatments.

In its simplest form, we use specialist equipment and professional training to clean the area where legionella is present. This involves chemical cleaning and thermal cleaning, both of which are highly effective when done correctly. Whilst we are doing this, we also carry out maintenance tasks to improve the performance and conservation of your equipment. To find out more about our legionella prevention services in Birmingham, get in touch with Stop That Pest.

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