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At Stop That Pest, we are capable of handling your food allergen management needs in Birmingham. Regardless of the size of your business or the type of food you work with, you can rely on us to keep on top of present allergens and ensure your business is managing them correctly. It’s not enough to simply be aware of potential allergens, you need to ensure the business as a whole is compliant in preventing cross contamination. Thankfully, with Stop That Pest, food allergen management is made easy.

The Importance of Food Allergen Management

When it comes to food allergen management, there is a lot to think about and many things to keep track of. Failing to do so can put your customers at risk, and subsequently your business. This is why a lot of people hand everything over to Stop That Pest, an experienced team of experts who really know what they are doing. With Stop That Pest offering food allergen management services in Birmingham, there is no need for you to worry about the flow of ingredients and potential allergens being passed from one to another. Instead, you can relax knowing that we are managing things from beginning to end.

Once you have identified the key leaders of your business or organisation, an allergen control plan can be developed. The aim of this plan is to successfully track the flow of ingredients within your facility, ensuring contact between ingredients is noted. There is no denying the importance of handling and controlling different ingredients, but many people underestimate the dangers that come with doing so poorly. At Stop That Pest, we are here to help you flawlessly monitor ingredients from the supplier selection through every stage at your facility. This includes handling, storage, processing, packaging and labeling. You will be able to track where an allergen is at all times, and whether any cross contamination has happened.

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