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At Stop That Pest, we are passionate about handling food in a safe and sanitary way. This is why we offer an unbeatable food handler course in Birmingham, one that can benefit anyone who needs to handle high risk food at work. There is no denying the dangers that come with poor food hygiene and handling food incorrectly, but our food handler course is there to educate and inform individuals. Once you have completed our food handler course in Birmingham, you will have the confidence and skills required to work with food correctly.

High Risk Food Handling Course

Our food handler course in Birmingham has been developed according to RD 109/2010, meaning it is requested before sanitary controls and valid at a national level. You can use our food handler course as proof of training and experience for any activity where you handle high risk food. It shows you have been professionally taught everything you need to know about handling food safely.

There are a number of benefits that come with completing a food handler course. For example, it reduces the risk of food poisoning by teaching how to avoid contamination by cross contamination, undercooking and improper storage. It also helps to cut down waste and the passing on of allergens from one ingredient to another. Once you have completed a food handler course, you will know everything you need to know about working safely with food.

As our food handler course is recognised at a national level, it’s a versatile and flexible course to complete. Wherever you are in the UK, you can benefit from the course and the skills you learn. You won’t be limited as to who and where accepts the course, as it has been developed in accordance with RD 109/2010 and this is nationally recognised. To find out more about our food handler course in Birmingham, get in touch with the Stop That Pest team.

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