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At Stop That Pest, we offer professional sanitising services in Birmingham. These are designed to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, and they are ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 can be found on surfaces and in airborne viral particles but, thankfully, our sanitising services tackle both. This significantly reduces the chances of viruses and diseases being spread.

Our Sanitising Services in Birmingham

Our treatment targets problem areas in your business, ensuring everything is completely sanitised. It does this with micro encapsulating surfaces, MICRO KILL- an effective cleaner that has been approved by British and European Standards - and destroying 99.9% of harmful viral particles. As MICRO KILL surfaces, large rooms and public spaces can be sanitised quickly.

Sanitising Services Using Fogging

When it comes to disinfecting a space, you can’t go wrong with Fogging. It controls odours and diseases, whilst also preventing and treating your business. It’s a fantastic way of reaching vital particles that may have made their way into cracks, crevices and soft furnishings. It can be used in commercial, industrial and retail environments. This makes it a great choice, regardless of what your business does and the industry you work in. Fogging is regularly used in theatres, nursing homes, offices, hospitals, sports venues and schools. It can also be used to sanitise public transport, warehouses, factories, stables, farms and yards.

Using a Fogger nozzle, we can spray sanitising products several metres high into the air. This allows Stop That Pest to quickly sanitise hard to reach places against airborne organising, without worrying that something has been missed.

By combining Fogging and other high quality sanitising products, we can help you stop the spread of Coronavirus. To find out more about sanitising services in Birmingham, get in touch with our talented team.

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