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There is no denying that many industries use a lot of oil but getting rid of this oil does not come easy. Not only is used oil difficult to dispose of for the matojority of businesses, but it is also tough to recycle without the correct facilities. Luckily, this is where we come in. At Stop That Pest, we collect and recycle used oil in all areas of Birmingham. You can count on us to take care of your oil collection needs, wherever you are in the local area. All you need to do is contact our experienced team, and we will take care of the rest.

Expert Used Oil Collection & Recycling

Oil is used in a wide range of industries, and so the collection and recycling of used oil is something a lot of businesses need taken care of. After all, you can’t simply leave oil sitting around once you are finished with it. We provide our services to hospitality businesses, catering companies, schools, residences, hotels, restaurants and the food industry. Not only do we collect the oil, we have the facilities needed to recycle it and ensure it’s used elsewhere. We tailor our services to you, guaranteeing a reliable and flawless service at all times.

Used Oil Collection in Birmingham

At Stop That Pest, we have the facilities needed to collect and transport used cooking oil in Birmingham. Regardless of how much or how little cooking oil you have, you can rely on our experienced team to collect and recycle it correctly. We offer a professional, reliable and high quality service. There is a reason we are the ‘go to’ oil collection and recycling team in Birmingham.

To find out more about the collection and recycling of used oil in Birmingham - or for information on any of our other services - get in touch with the Stop That Pest team.

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